Investment Property: Upgrades That Don’t Hurt Your Wallet

investment-property-upgradesRenovating and upgrading your investment property is not a piece of cake, work-wise and money-wise, which is why it’s important for you make certain that every penny spent actually adds to the asset’s value.

But are there any valuable upgrades that won’t hurt your wallet? Yes there are and you’ll be surprised why you haven’t thought of them first. Here, take a look at some of them.

  • Spruce the Walls

Who knew something as simple as paint could do so much? A fresh coat of color can instantly brighten up and refresh any space. You can go as simple and versatile or bold and daring. You don’t even have to repaint every square inch. Have fun with accent walls or use stencils for that wallpaper effect at a much cheaper cost.

  • Rehash the Front Door

The entryway packs a lot of punch to every property. Not only does it impact initial appearance on the exteriors but it’s the welcoming aspect of it all. But not all of us have the time and resources to give the exteriors an overhaul. An easy fix? Do your front door. It can do more than you’d expect.

  • Change the knobs.

Pick consistent door knobs throughout your home. You may however choose unique ones for the entryway. You may also want to consider replacing knobs on cabinets and drawers with better ones. A lot of classic, vintage, quirky and versatile designs have been popping out lately. It’s a little touch up but small details go a long way.

  • Improve your light switch plates.

Just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are ways for you to make them less of an eye sore. Pick plates that are the same color as your walls. If you don’t want to spend then you can just unscrew them and use spray paint for an ever cheaper fix. If you want to play it up a little, cool designs are available in the market too.

  • Increase storage space.

Think your space through and take advantage of every square inch of space. Add shelves, cabinets and drawers where possible. Use vertical storage units to maximize the area. You can of course buy them at stores but you can bring out the DIY diva in you and build your own.

  • Add some plant magic.

An investment property gets an instant retouch with the addition of plants, whether interior or outdoor. You can increase curb appeal just by manicuring your garden, mowing the lawn and upping your landscape game.

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